Are More Delays Ahead For Days Gone Based On A PS Store Image Showing a 12/31/19 Release Date

This morning I went into the Playstation Store to apply a code I picked up for a year of Playstation Plus. I usually Auto-Renew but seeing how Amazon had a sale, I figured a $20.00 savings was too good to pass up. I then went into the Pre-Order area as I had some credits to use and was hoping to put Days Gone in my order bin. Although the game had been delayed a few times, I figured April of 2019 would be here soon enough.

You can imagine my surprise when the shop now lists December 2019 as a release date for the game. This is confusing as online you can clearly see a 4/26/19 release date.


However the Pre-Order area says December 2019 as you can see in the image below.


While this may simply be a placeholder; it is odd to me that one area would list one date and another especially since the new April date had been announced previously. There were reports that the game got a mixed response from those who played it at the 2017 PSX but his is not entirely unexpected as the game seems very ambitious and the number of Zombies it puts on the screen at one time had me wondering how the system was able to process so many of them without any slowdowns or other issues that arise when a CPU or GPU becomes overburdened.

Hopefully this is simply an oversight on the part of the PS Store and that the game will ship in April 2019 as planned as I worry that further delays could cause concern over the title to grow and perhaps even be overlooked in favor of the other titles coming. Can you imagine if Days Gone and The Last of Us 2 both came out at the end of 2019?

Sony has done a great job of not rushing titles to market so hopefully we will see the game sooner rather than later, and the delays leading up to the release will have been worthwhile.