Eagle Eyes

With more and more jobs requiring significant time in front of a monitor; eye strain is always an issue. Combine that with an ever-growing use of Smartphones, Tablets, and other portable devices; consumers are fixated on a screen for significant amounts of time.

Various companies had offered Gaming Glasses as a way to counter this issue but they were either pricey or limited to mainly game use; or cheap plastic offerings that did not hold up or were uncomfortable to wear. As a further issue; most gaming glasses were not well suited for wearing in public which further limited their effective use.

Enter Eagle Eyes https://www.eagleeyes.com/ who offer stylish and durable units for all sorts of situations. From Sunglasses to Low Light, Night and Computer users, Eagle Eyes looks to offer affordable solutions for users looking for better non-prescription vision options.

I evaluated the Optiflex DT which offered a flexible frame with effective filtering features. I was at first concerned that such a light and flexible frame would not prove to be durable but it held up very well. I used them while working on my PC, playing games on both a PS4 and on the PC, and also while watching a movie on the PC.

The only drawback I had with the unit was that it did pinch a bit as I was using it so I have let another individual use the pair as I am interested to see how they find them. I did find that they offered a nice filter and did not have any tint to them so I did not have to look at things through a yellowish tint. I did not see encounter any adverse issues aside from the pinching and was able to do my work and gaming unencumbered.

Price was the Eagle Eyes glasses are on Par with some of the more higher-end Gaming Glasses but they also have some that are in a lower price point which offers something for everyone. I am curious to see where future designs will go but if you are looking to give your eyes a break; then Eagle Eyes may be just the thing for you.