Count Dooku Comes To EA Star Wars Battlefront 2

Looks like a solid and fun update.

This morning, EA DICE revealed in a blog post that the ex-Jedi turned menacing Sith lord himself, Count Dooku will make his debut in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II tomorrow, January 23 in the Darth Tyranus Update.

Once an apprentice of Master Yoda, Count Dooku turned against the Jedi Order with a thirst for more power, assuming his Sith identity of Darth Tyranus. As an experienced and skilled duelist, Count Dooku wields his signature red lightsaber emitting from a curved hilt, allowing him to fight with refined accuracy. His melee attacks are also highly lethal as he can deflect opposing lightsabers with great efficiency.

Players can look forward to this along with the addition of Geonosis to the Heroes vs. Villains, Blast and Custom Arcade game modes. Further details may be found in the official blog post here.