Ion Maiden: PAX South Trailer

Enjoyed playing the deno.

Initially playable only at this past weekend’s PAX South, this new content introduces an all-new level called Heskel’s House of Horrors, new weapons and new enemies to anyone who currently owns or purchases the Early Access campaign.
Skewer cyber-cultists with a shiny new crossbow and dual wield sub-machine guns to mow down anyone foolish enough to cross Shelly’s path. Heskel’s House of Horrors hides both horrific enemies and clever secrets. Bask in the gory, pixelated ‘90s-style FPS explosions you create ahead of Ion Maiden’s full release later this year.
Early Access Build Updated with PAX South Demo
New Weapons, Hotel Level, Enemies
DALLAS, TX – January 23, 2019Ion Maiden, the old-school first-person shooter developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment, blasts new content onto Steam Early Access today. Ion Maiden will deliver classic gun-blazing mayhem on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when it simultaneously launches on PC in Q2 2019.
Experience a new Ion Maiden demo, featuring a fresh level called Heskel’s House of Horrors, and new weapons perfect for mowing down more of Dr. Jadus Heskel’s deadly cyber-cultist creations into ‘90s-esque pixelated gore while quoting your favorite ‘80s action movies.
Heskel’s House of Horrors features more of everything fans of hardcore retro shooters await: twisting multi-layered stages, secrets galore hiding in plain sight as well as unexpected places, and hordes of enemies to blow the heck up. Dual-wield Submachine Guns for twice the fun, or use Shelly’s new Crossbow to impale the next cultist brave (stupid?) enough to cross her path.
Ion Maiden brings back gibs and gore using the classic Build Engine, that powered games like Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood, as its beating heart. But there’s just as much ‘blast’ as there is ‘past’ here. All the modern accoutrements players expect are here, including widescreen and controller support, auto-saves, and interactive physics. Experience all that bloody retro-FPS goodness without the frustration of terrible aspect ratios and noisy disk drives that could only hold 1/1,000,000,000th of what a smart phone can.
“Early Access players made Ion Maiden what it is today,” said Frederick Schreiber, co-owner of 3D Realms. “Bringing PAX South content to them is our little way of saying thank you and giving them another taste of the bloody broth in store for the full release.”
For more information please explore the official websites for3D Realms, Ion Maiden, and 1C Entertainment.