EVGA GeForce 2070 RTX

It is no secret that many modern video games push the boundaries of gaming technology as developers are always looking for new ways to express their ideas and bring amazing visuals to consumers. I remember the days of gaming before graphics cards and I remember seeing what a difference Quake 2 looked like under a Voodoo 2 card versus playing without graphical acceleration.

Times have changed and games now incorporate photo realistic visuals with higher levels of detail than ever before. Since technology changes rapidly, cards that were cutting-edge a few years ago may not be able to render some newer games in the highest settings without sacrificing some performance.

Thankfully EVGA has brought a new generation of cards to consumers that allows them to play all of the best games today as well as those for years to come in top settings as well as bringing many new enhancements and features for gamers.

The GeForce 2070 RTX offers an amazing 8 GB of GDDR 6 memory combined with the Turing GPU technology.

The card has some size to it but it did fit into the case with room to spare once I navigated around the cables as I needed to connect both the six and eight pin connections to properly power the card. Running on a 750 Watt power unit was more than enough and the card installed quickly and with just a few reboots during the driver install, the card was up and ready to go.

One of the new abilities of the card is the ability to bring Real Time Ray Tracing to gamers. Currently there are few options to test this on PC but thanksfully Battlefield V supports this technology but you can bet that many games down the road will take advantage of this which brings a new level of graphics and performance to gamers.

I noticed sharper images and greater amounts of detail in Battlefield V and comparing it to video I had captured with our prior card the differences were impressive.

On Fallout 76 I noticed improved performance especially with the explosions and fire effects which seemed to take on a life of their own.

I saw many improvements in games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Strange Brigade, Far Cry 5, Destiny 2, and Hunt: Showdown which really took advantage of the added power and features of the card with a much smoother and more detailed gaming experience than I had previously experienced with the game.

As we look ahead to the next wave of games as well as E3; I am very eager to test this card on the games that will be coming later this year as well as some that have yet to be announced. The performance level of the EVGA GeForce 2070 RTX has been beyond expectations and is yet another very impressive product from a company who has set the standard for gaming hardware.