Alien: Blackout

FoxNext and D3 Go have presented Alien fans a new game for mobile devices entitled Alien: Blackout. When it was first announced; many fans thought it was the Alien Shooter that had been announced earlier in 2018 but that is to come at a later date according to FoxNext.

The game has players play as Amanda Ripley; Daughter of the main character of the “Alien” film series and star of the Alien: Isolation game. Although it is described as not being a sequel to Alien: Isolation, Amanda does briefly mention events from the game as her prior experience with the title creature.

Hidden in an Air Vent; Amanda must direct members of a docked shuttle through seven levels as they attempt to locate items and accomplish tasks needed to escape.

There is of course an Alien on the loose and using Motion Trackers, video cameras, and luck, players have to protect Amanda and the shuttle crew as the movie around the map.

The Alien can come after Amanda who can protect herself by closing a vent. The issue is in doing so she cannot look at the map and cameras, and as such The Alien can vanish anywhere including one of the other tunnels that lead to her. Having to watch two or three tunnels as well as a map can be difficult as players have to rely on sound and luck to assume when the Alien is creeping down a tunnel towards them.

Players also have to make hard choices like allowing the Alien to attack and kill a character so another one can move along toward a goal. Being able to open and close doors also allows Amanda to help fence in the creature but it does not always appear on the cameras and as such players have to guess where it is. Amanda can tell characters to hide or hurry up, but there is also the matter of a ticking clock which requires objectives to be completed before a timer runs out.

The game does offer some fun and challenge but is short as with only seven levels, you can complete the game in under an hour once you get the basics down. The game allows players to pick up from the chapter they last completed and does offer some fun cut scenes to enjoy.

The biggest issue is while affordable at $4.99 fans may want more out of the game as aside from the short play time; this style of game may not be the best use of the Alien franchise. It would make a great segment of a larger game but after guiding Amanda through Alien: Isolation; having her hide in vents and direct others seems to be a step down.

While Alien: Blackout is not the game that fans had hoped for; it does offer some decent entertainment and hopefully will tide players over until the next game in the series is released.

3 stars out of 5