Zotac Geforce 2070 RTX

Zotac has revealed their new lineup of NVIDIA powered Graphic Cards; and during our coverage of CES 2019 we got a good look at their news cards and product lineup.

With gamers expecting more and more and to be blown away with gameplay and graphics; and The GeForce 2070 RTX a dual threat of 8 GB of GDDR 6 memory and the new Turing GPU technology which brings in Real Time Ray Tracing to PC Gaming.

The card was smaller than others I had seen length wise and fit into the test case with no issues. I also noted it only required one connection pin set as a prior one we used from another manufacturer required all pin connectors to be used.

I mentioned the Real Time Ray Tracing earlier and I am curious to see how this will develop over time as currently PC games that support this technology are limited but Battlefield V does give a great example of what players can look forward to.

We tested the card on Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, Fallout 76, and the new Apex Legends and noted crisp graphics and smooth gameplay, even when on the highest graphical settings. We let the games read the card and set the default graphical settings accordingly; and noted it defaulted to the top time and time again.

With upcoming releases like Far Cry: New Dawn, The Division 2, and further out releases like Doom: Eternal and RAGE 2; it will be interesting to see how the card performs especially as more and more developers optimize their games to take advantage of the features the card offers.


You can see more of their great line here