EVGA Supernova Power Supply

(Thanks to Michael Newman for assisting with the review)

For many PC owners it all comes down to power. You have to have a good CPU, Video Card, Plenty of RAM, and enough storage to properly run and store all of your games and applications. However, those devices all need power themselves and as such the type of Power Unit in a computer is essential.

Thankfully the Supernova line from EVGA offers a sturdy, reliable and cost-effective solution for PC Owners. The Supernova G3 is extremely compact, measuring only 85mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 150mm (L) in size, which means it can easily fit in some of the smaller cases on the market. The device easily fits into the case and honestly, we spent more time sorting out the various cable connections than we did getting the unit firmly in place. It is Fully Modular which ensures only the necessary cables are used with greatly increases air-flow, but also minimizes case clutter. It comes complete with a standard 24 PIN ATX connector as well as 2 8-Pin (4+4), 6 8-pin (6+2), 9 SATA cables, 4 4-pin Molex, and even 1 floppy connector. This means that it comes with enough cables to power multiple PCI components, hard drives, water pumps and LEDs.

Once connected, the 750 Watt Unit was able to power a GeForce 2070 RTX graphic card as well as multiple Hard Drives and the system. It is rated at 80 Gold Plus which means it meets up to 87% efficiency when operating at peak loads, EVGA states that the G3 exceeds the standard and is able to provide up to 91% efficiency.

New for the G3 series is the new Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing Fan which EVGA claims provides “ultra-quiet performance and increased lifespan”. In our tests, the fan was even quieter than I expected and kept things running at a cool level which is key for those who leave their systems on for extended use. I also appreciated that the system comes with a Ten-Year warranty, so you can have security knowing your system will have its power needs met for a long time. The fan only begins to ramp up to 15dBa’s when it reaches 40% and even at it’s peak maxes out around 25dBa’s. One comparison chart I found indicates that 15dBa is barely audible and 25dBa’s falls somewhere between a “Quite rural location at night and a Library”. Needless to say it barely audible with no sound and completely inaudible when gaming with speakers (or ideally headphones).

I have had power units struggle to keep up or limit my upgrade options but that was not the case with this system as even adding a new video card and other devices did not matter as it seamlessly handled whatever we asked it to do.

With so many units to choose from; EVGA has a card that will meet your needs and then some and we could not be more impressed. You can see more about the cards here.