Dr. Seuss Mobile Games Announced

This could be fun.

Dr. Seuss (perhaps you’ve heard of him? 😊) to share some exciting news – Dr. Seuss Studios, a newly minted creation by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, will launch the first in a series of mobile games for iOS and Android next month.


In tribute to Dr. Seuss and his classic “Happy Birthday to You!”, the first game invites uses to come fly with B.B., the Birthday Bird, in B.B. Takes Flight. Tap and flap your way through colorful lands that take you to a Seussian world of wonder! Skillfully guide B.B. over, under, and through endless obstacles as you add up points to win coveted trophies and high-score bragging rights. The game will be available next month for iOS and Android.


This is extremely timely because March 2 marks the 115th birthday of Dr. Seuss himself and although he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of hundreds of Dr. Seuss books (and movies, clothing, etc.) and now a mobile game.

-Gorgeous environments based on Dr. Seuss’s inimitable artwork
—“You’re off to great places!”

-Three difficulty modes, plus a free-fly feature for flap, flap, flapping!
— “…but when he played, he really PLAYED!”

-Challenging obstacles that keep each game interesting
— “I learned there are troubles of more than one kind.”

-Catchy original soundtrack that you’ll find yourself singing
— “all of this beautiful zumming and humming!”

-Great flapping is rewarded with a unique trophy
— “And what’s more, this time you are certain to win it.”

-FREE to download! Play B.B. Takes Flight for free with ads or purchase the ad free