Five Game Franchises That Should Be Continued

Many times a game connects with gamers but sadly due to financial reasons does not get follow ups that fans of the game would want. It can be very frustrating especially when a game ends on a cliffhanger or clearly has unresolved plot points. With that in mind; I have created a list of some of the games that I think would be perfect for a revival.


I know we got the Full Clip Edition recently which not only remastered the game but also added Duke Nukem to the mix. It was great to experience the quirky characters, interesting settings and humor, and over the top action that rewards you for creatively dispatching enemies. The original release did not sell enough to warrant a sequel so here is hoping that Gearbox will consider one.


I was a fan of the early games in the series and was intrigued by the promise of episodic releases in the series. Sadly after the first release failed to meet expectations; Ritual dropped future plans for the series.

The action of the series as well as interesting characters should be developed further but I have to think that after the demise of Ritual; the ship has sailed on further adventures in the SIN universe.

Alien Isolation

I know this one is unlikely and word that a possible 7-episode animated film is coming to wrap up the storyline; but hey we can hope. It not only was an amazing Survival Horror game, but one could argue that it was the best game released in the Alien Universe to date in terms of capturing the pure horror of the movie.


I fondly remember playing the first two games and even had a small hand in the development of the second game. There were attempts for 3D Realms to do something with it but sadly that never came to be. A demonic shooter would be amazing with the power of systems today.

Command and Conquer

I know we have a new mobile game and there is a remastered game coming; but I think the time is right for a brand new entry into the series. Even a new Red Alert game would be very appealing and I am sure if done right it would appeal to eSports as well.

This is a short list of my ideas and I would love to hear what games you think need a new chapter.


  1. I would replace Command and Conquer with Conker Bad fur Day.
    But as for the rest of the list (As Caleb would say it in Bloodbath) :TADA!

    February 28, 2019
    • gareth said:

      That is another great title for the list.

      February 28, 2019

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