New Entrance and Exit Procedures at Emerald City Comic Con

If you haven’t heard, Emerald City Comic Con is implementing new Entrance (and Exit) procedures for their 2019 Con. Many on the internet have already criticized their approach, even those having worked event and venue security in the past and present. The basic run-down is this:

  • The only entrance to the Convention center that will be used prior to show hours (for the queue) is the “Main” entrance on Convention Place (where will-call is typically located, but no longer).
  • The TCC entrance can be used, but only after the show opens at 10am. The assumption here is that you will not be able to queue at this one, and you probably won’t be able to just walk up to it at 10am skipping the queue at the main entrance.
  • The ADA entrance is located on Convention Place and Union Street.
  • What was once considered the front entrance at events past, is now considered the back of the building and will serve as the main exit for the Con.
  • Everyone will go through metal detectors upon entering the Con.
  • All bags will be searched.

More details can be found at ECCC’s Security Page on their Website.

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Image Credit: Stranger Worlds