Getting Clean for Drug Test- A Guide on How to Pass A Drug Test Fast with Drug Testing Reviews

As referenced, pee tests are more common than hair testing. To finish a test, otherwise called a urinalysis test, you needn’t be 100% free of THC metabolites. It would be better if your levels are just below the limit. Ordinarily, the limit is 50 ng/mL, which is higher than you may suspect.

The essential strategy for passing a pee test is to weaken your pee enough that the test result will be below the 50 ng/mL limit. It’s a straightforward as that, however with a hitch. Testing laboratories are watchful so you need to be very careful in diluting or weakening your pee.


There is no point in drinking extreme amounts of water weeks or days before your test. It’s an exercise in futility as it just incidentally weakens your pee. Your most logical option is to drink 2-3 liters of water for the duration of the day preceding your test, and afterward around 1-2 liters a few hours before your test.

Drinking this much water, your pee will be weakened and will have low dimensions of creatinine. These are both warnings for any testing lab to show weakened pee, so you need to take this into consideration and pace yourself.

Vitamin B

You must make your pee yellow, and the ideal approach to do this is by using nutrient B. Vitamin B-2, or B-12 appear to be the best, so stop by your nearby medication store and take a 50-100mg a few hours before your test.



Creatinine is a synthetic waste item delivered by the muscle digestion. Creatinine in the human body is one way laboratories know whether you are diluting your pee. It has a half-existence of three hours, so no point in taking it mutiple times a day or before your test.

You can purchase creatine supplements from any drug stores. Creatine gets separated into by your system and eliminated through your pee. It is recommended to take a bigger portion a few hours previous to your test.

Detox Drinks

Numerous alleged “detox beverages” are available that promise to cleanse your body of any unwanted toxins and illicit substances. Such drinks use similar methods we described above, and achieve purification through more frequent urination. However, by doing so, they’re diluting your urine sample, which can raise a red flag during testing.

Luckily, high-quality detox drinks contain all the necessary ingredients, like vitamin B, creatinine, Selenium, etc. to replenish the ones you lose by frequently urinating. Thanks to these ingredients, detox drinks cleanse your urine without diluting your sample. Even so, the effects of detox drinks are temporary, and they wear off, as stated in this research.

For a permanent solution, we advise that you use drug detox kits, which consist of detox drinks, specially formulated detox pills, and dietary fibers. These kits usually come with a structured detox plan that can help you get rid of toxins permanently. Also, their effects aren’t limited to your urine, but they cleanse your blood and saliva too.

Stay away from exercise

Exercise will separate your fat cells, which will discharge the THC metabolites in your body. Thus, it is not advisable to exercise 24 hours before your test. Neglecting to achieve this lead to a spike in THC levels found in the blood.

In the event that you have a little while before your test, it is logical to exercise to separate the fat cells and discharge the THC metabolites, however, ensure you stop two or three days prior to your trial.

Collect the urine from the middle

When peeing in a container, the first and last parts of your pee stream will contain the most high measure of metabolites. Therefore, you need to give some pee from the ‘center’ of your pee stream. Essentially begin urinating in the can, stop and take a sample in the glass, and after that, complete as should be expected. This is a vital advance, so bear in mind to do it! Additionally, know that early morning pee will ordinarily contain the most significant amount of dangerous metabolites, so never give the morning pee.

Powdered Urine Kit

On the off chance that you are a substantial buyer or have a high-fat dimension in your body, at that point weakening the urine may not be a successful strategy for beating your test. For this situation, another alternative is a substitution with manufactured or powdered pee. At the end of the day, substituting your pee with either counterfeit pee, which is monetarily accessible, or with the natural pee of someone who is a not a drug user.

The upside of substitution over different procedures is that you know the example you give to the lab will be perfect. The burden is you have to hide the ideal pee when entering the testing office, and afterward, add it to your sample container amid the testing procedure without identification.

Presently in case you’re completing a pre-business medicate screen, they never supervise when you pee in the glass. They, as a rule, will have a private room, amid which you can pee in the latrine (in some cases they tune in outside the way to decide whether you really urinated), at that point pour the manufactured/clean pee into the glass. Read here.

Know that labs take the temperature of your pee directly after your present your example, so you’ll have to guarantee that it enlists near ordinary body temperature else it tends to be suspicious. Generally, you can microwave the pee to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, at that point put an elastic band to keep warm the sample until the moment of the test.

Being exposed to a medical test after cannabis utilization (particularly in the case that you’re a day by day smoker) is an exceptionally distressing experience. If you need to cleanse your body, keep in mind that by utilizing these tips you can radically enhance your odds of passing the test.