Emerald City Comic Con: Day One

Day one went smoothly without a hitch once I actually got to the con and out of the Seattle traffic that is. After I parked and walked to the WA State Convention Center I was pleased with the guidance that was present directing con goers to the correct entrance. At the entrance attendees bags were promptly checked and we went through the metal detectors faster than I had originally thought. Perhaps being a Thursday helped a bit as well. Thursday and Friday are always the best days in my opinion. There is room to actually walk around, breath a little and find those treasures you might be looking for.

The walk from the main con location to the photo-ops and autographing area is somewhat lengthy and a bit confusing especially for those that might need an extra hand. Once there though, the groups and lines were organized and moved along quickly. I was however confused as to why we didn’t have to go through security again.

As an attendee and a member of press I like to use the first two days to get my bearings and see what others might have to say about the con. After day one is done and over I have to say it has been a success and we will keep you updated on all things #ECCC throughout the con.