Dick Wilde 2: PSVR

When I hear people talk about V.R. being just a fad and saying that they do not see the reason for it, I often tell them while it is not for everyone; there are some very good games and experiences out there and the technology continues to improve and become more and more affordable.

For those who own a PSVR gaming system; there are numerous quality V.R. games available as the system has a number of great exclusives as well as some that are available for other V.R. platforms as well.

Dick Wilde 2 is a fun, challenging, and action filled adventure that casts players as the title character as you travel on your raft down rivers and waterways. Of course the areas are inhabited by all sorts of debris and mutated creatures so players have to shoot first and fast in order to survive.

Should a player make it to the end of the level; then they can by health, armor, new weapons, and more to help them better survive the challenges ahead. Using the Playstation Move Controller in a guns akimbo style; players start with dual pistols and can add shotguns, machine guns, and other weapons to the mix to use in pairs or to alternate. The shotguns for example do great damage; but are slow to fire. The machine guns spew bullets at an amazing rate but are not the most accurate of choices which for moving targets and incoming projectiles makes things a challenge.

The country themed humor and abundance of enemies and locales makes the game lots of fun and it is great to look around your V.R. raft and see the detailed amount of decorations that are along for the ride.

Players will also get the option to select which path to take during levels and can also opt to play the game in a multiplayer setting with another player.

One of the best endorsements I can give for the game is that my wife took a turn playing it and played through several sessions of the game. This is unique in while she does play games; she had not played a V.R. game since doing a demo before the PSVR was released at PAX as she found it gave her a headache. The new system updates have alleviated that and she played several other titles as well that evening.

The cartoon style graphics work well within the setting of the game and it is tons of fun to play as well as a real challenge at times.

If you own a V.R. system, I highly suggest Dick Wilde 2 as it is great shooter and lots of fun.

4 stars out of 5