Emerald City Comic Con 2019

It is crazy to think that I have been attending this specific convention since 2009 and it sure has grown from being only in the convention center to being in two separate buildings with will call being in a third building. Also from being only the weekend to being Thurs-Sun. Understandably with an event of this magnitude there will be endlesss growth but to have changed not only the location of the celebrity photo ops/autographing but the main stage as well to the Hyatt Regency made it somewhat chaotic. I myself found it difficult to fit everything in. Although with all the changes I am eager to see what might be added next year.
This year’s experience at Emerald City Comic Con 2019 has made me re-strategize how I would go about covering my next con. I was able to attend all four days and am happy with what I was able to experience. However to make it easier for fans including my self I would suggest devoting to one day of shopping, panels, celebrity photo ops/autographing and for the final day I would use that to do anything I missed out on. The con whole heartedly deserves four days.
Security was a huge topic at this years con. I actually didn’t find it too much of a hassle. I go through security at work everyday and it just felt like another work day. It also was suprisingly fast on Sat and Sun. I cosplayed all four days and was happy with the peace bonding experience as well. It was reassuring to see that some weapons as in swords and knives had to be left as they were real and not props. The only thing I and others attendees found odd was that security wasn’t present at the Hyatt Regency. What is the purpose of only having it at the main event but not where the celebrities are.
I uploaded the app and was kept up to date with scheduling and had fun with the scavenger hunt. I found it much easier to use the app rather than having to take out my program to check out times and what not. Plus it was very simple and interactive to use.
I am happy with this years con despite the walk to and from the Hyatt Regency and as I have said before I am eager to see what we can expect for next year’s con which is set for March 12th-15th, 2019. Keep up to date with all things Emerald City Comic Con by following their main page and also their facebook page. Here at Skewed & Reviewed we would like to thank Reedpop for another great year and we already can’t wait for next year.