Cirque Du Soliel: Amaluna

The world famous Cirque Du Soliel has come to the Phoenix area with the amazing show Amaluna. With elements inspired by The Tempest; the show is set on a mythical island where several sailors have washed ashore and caused friction when one of their members becomes romantically involved with the daughter of Queen Prospera.

As the story unfolds; the audience is treated to several amazing sequences complete with the amazing costumes and music that Cirque Du Soliel is known for. There was an amazing Unicycle duo that did amazing tricks, aerial performances, contortionists, and amazing gymnastic and acrobatic routines that had to be seen to be believed.

Of course the traditional Clowns were a part of the show and they not only opened the festivities but also framed larger set pieces with a great story of a romance between two comedic individuals which also included some members of the audience.

One of the many acts that stood out involved a performer who combined and balanced large pieces to form an impressive sculpture as the attention and precision that it required held the audience I awe.

The show has amazing costumes and music and features a cast that is 70% female including an amazing band that delivered an impressive soundtrack and even took the stage at various points of the show to perform solos versus playing in the wings or backstage as is usual for Cirque Du Soliel shows.

I have seen many different shows from Cirque Du Soliel over the years and what is always impressive to me is that while they keep to various traditions and styles that leave no doubt who is behind the production; they always manage to keep their shows fresh, exciting, and innovative time after time.

From the amazingly talented cast and musicians to the impressive sets and costumes; Amaluna is another triumph for Cirque Du Soliel and is one that I strongly encourage you to see.

The show runs through April 14th in the Phoenix area before moving on to Los Angeles and other locales. You can find more information and ticket details at the link below.