Natalie Shaheen Talks Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

As part of the next issue of our magazine which is due out next week; I did an interview with Natalie Shaheen about her upcoming role in “Godzilla: King of the Monster’s.” Here is a portion of the interview and we will have the full one in the magazine soon.

  • What can you tell us about your character?

Unfortunately, a very lengthy NDA prevents me from revealing much. But, what I can say is, Lt. Bottin is seriously a badass and I was excited to tackle that role.


  • What had been your experience with Godzilla prior to being cast?

I LOVE the Godzilla franchise! I’ve always been a fan. I love monsters and action and, ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Godzilla. The director, Michael Dougherty, masterfully laced the film with “Easter Eggs” for the real enthusiasts. I felt like a kid in a candy store on set. It was a delight to see everything firsthand.


  • How was working with the FX in the film?

The FX was unlike any other project I have worked on. What was fun was the unique blend of utilizing both new and classic technology. You can be surrounded by state-of-the-art FX, but nothing gets you more ready for action than an old school sound bite from an early Godzilla movie.



  • Will you be attending San Diego Comic Con again and can you share with us any fond memories from it and what you look forward to this year?

Good question. I plan on it. My favorite part of all the Cons is the amazing Cosplay, I am sucker for a superhero!