Best Video Game Movies Ever

Usually, video game movies are really bad. However, sometimes they can be incredibly good. The video games mentioned below fall into the second category. No new movies are expected in the near future and you will rarely find video game movies on the list of films coming soon since they are not really popular among filmmakers. However, from time to time we find something that is worth the list of top video gam movies ever.

Ratchet And Clank

The movie did lose money and is packed with some really strange casting choices, like the addition of Stallone, but the result was pretty good, a great origin story. While the movie did lack the humor and charm of the platformers and the animation is definitely not at the level of Pixar, it is definitely worth watching. This family-friendly movie will deliver and you will surely enjoy it.

Tomb Raider – 2018 Version

Tomb Raider made a strong return to the cinema in 2018, following on the footsteps of the original from 2013. We got to see a new Lara that was vulnerable but fierce. The movie is not that great if you are looking for action movies but it is a homage to some of the best games in history.

One of the main reasons why this movie was a hit is that Lara is perfectly portrayed and quite different than what many expected. We are talking about a Lara that manages to make us watch her without us having to be drawn in by a Hollywood celebrity.

Resident Evil

There are many Resident Evil movies and whenever a new one is announced, people want to see them. You can pick the one that you prefer but it is sure that you love at least one of the many Resident Evil movies. There are video game movies that are obviously better but Milla Jovovich’s portrayal of Alice was wonderful. After you watch the movie, you will eventually find yourself re-watching it.

Silent Hill

While there are moments when Silent Hill feels too clunky, it is going to send chills up your spine. During the mid-00s, so many video game movies appeared and they were all pretty bad. Then, Silent Hill came and set a landmark in time. While the movie is not that great if we are to look at it as being just a horror movie, for a video game movie it is truly wonderful.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

At first glance, this movie should not actually work since it does feature Hollywood celebrities and a look that relies a little too much on technology. It also features a new story, which rarely works. However, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within manages to deliver and create what can easily be described as the very best video game movie ever.

If you are to watch the movie now, there is a pretty good possibility you will not be impressed. However, when it was launched, it was a true masterpiece. The Spirits Within does manage to pay respects to the video game franchise in a truly wonderful way.