The Missing Link

Annapurna Pictures and Laika Films release the new film “Missing Link”,
written and directed by Chris Butler.

It stars Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel Frost, Zoe Saldana as Adelina
Fortnight, and Zach Galifinakis as Mr. Link, and Stephen Fry as Lord

Sir Lionel Frost wants to be famous. He wants to be recognized for
amazing discoveries and to be able to join the ranks of what he sees as
the elite explorers at London’s Optimates Club.

The head of the Optimates Club is Lord Piggot Dunceby, who, for whatever
reason, is dead set against both acknowledging Frost’s discoveries, and
acknowledging evolution (in the form of the Missing Link aka Sasquatch)

Frost, determined to prove his worthiness, sets off to the Pacific
Northwest to track down the Sasquatch, and Lord Dunceby promptly
dispatches a hired thug to thwart and discredit his efforts.

We follow Frost to the forests of Washington State where he discovers
the Sasquatch itself had written the letter prompting his search and the
reason why is that he has no other family and has heard that there are
others like him in the Himalayans. Mr. Link wants Sir Frost to help him
find his distant cousins so that he will not be lonely anymore.

Still being tracked by the hit man, (voiced by Timothy Oliphant) Mr.
Link (who prefers to be called “Susan”) and Frost first travel to see
Adelina Fortnight to gather a map belonging to her now-deceased explorer
husband. Adelina is none too happy to see Sir Frost and they argue about
the map, with Adelina finally agreeing to let Frost use it on his quest,
but only if she comes along with them on their travels.

We follow the trio across the miles, and watch them outwit their
sinister tracker, finally arriving at their destination.

All is not well, however, when Susan finally meets his distant cousins,
as their leader says he does not belong.

The movie was made with a blend of claymation, CGI and 3D printing, and
was very interesting to watch from an adult standpoint for that alone.

There were quite a few laugh-out-loud moments from the adults in the
audience as well, although it seemed like less laughs from the younger
crown at the theatre.

The storyline was ok, but seemed to not flow as well as other recent
kids movies, and my 10 year old son said it was “just ok”. He said it
was rather boring.

From my own standpoint, I liked that the film showed the importance of
friendships and of doing “the right thing” even if it’s not for personal
gain, but I am not sure that it was portrayed in a way that the target
audience would grasp it 100%.

Overall, the movie Missing Link was just ok, and good for a family
outing, but perhaps I might wait till it came out at the discount

I would give the movie 2 out of 5 stars.