Your basic dictionary definition of ‘Origami’ usually follows with something like ori as in ‘folding’ and gami meaning ‘paper’ – the art of paper folding, typically associated with Japanese culture. More recently, it is associated with all folding practices regardless of the culture or country of origin.


I have to be honest here. Over the last few years, the CW Network hasn’t really produced or broadcast anything that has peaked my interest with the obvious exceptions of ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Supernatural’. However, I recently had the opportunity to catch a preview of something that is so out-of-the-box and original it just might fly. In this world of reboots, remakes, and spin-offs that’s almost unheard of.


‘Warigami’ is an action/comedy set to debut on CW Seed in the next few months and will consist of a 10 Part web series centering on long lost twin siblings who are descendants of kam-jin warriors who possess the power to turn paper into weapons. Yes, you read right. Paper as weapons. It sounds almost funny at first. But then one thinks back to all the horrible paper cuts they’ve been on the receiving end of or have seen others on the receiving of and it’s really not all that far-fetched if you get creative with the idea.


The beginning of the series focuses on Wendy Ohata (Emily Piggford) who learns that she is a descendant of kam-jin warriors who possessed this power. Knowing she was adopted she attempts to find her closest living relative whom turns out to be her grandfather James (Hiro Kanagawa). At first, James claims to know nothing of her but eventually admits the truth and Wendy realizes that she was put up for adoption in an attempt to protect and hid her from the malevolent forces that have been attempting to hunt down her grandfather. Shortly thereafter, they are attacked by Sadako (Miho Suzuki). A rival kam-jin whom is associated with the forces that originally sought her grandfather. If this wasn’t already chaotic enough, Wendy’s long lost twin brother Vincent shows up in the midst of the chaos just as he is discovering that he also possesses this ability to turn paper into weapons.


I had the opportunity to view the first few episodes and i’ve got to say it is far more impressive than it sounds at first. As a web series, they have the freedom of not being as restrained with blood, violence, and dialogue as the been had this been on regular television and to be honest I don’t think it would’ve had a chance with said restraints. The actors and actresses they enlisted for this project is equally impressive. Citing the differences between television and web series again, had this been regular television I would’ve assumed that the folks who had participated in this did so because they were contractually obligated from another project. I certainly do not believe that is the case here. The filming and styling of the series is far too good for regular TV as well. If this is what the future holds for web-based shows then regular television producers need to take a good long look and kick-up their game a few notches. Seriously …. check out ‘Warigami’.