mCable Takes Gaming And Video To New Levels

We have enjoyed using them as the staff has really seen an increase as have people at the radio show in both video and with gaming.

Get ready to experience the best kept secret in gaming: mCable! Use it to improve
resolution up to 4K, enhance color depth, improve image clarity, eliminate jagged
edges, and more with no lag time. That’s what we call Better Graphics, Better
Pixels, Better Gameplay!

Silicon Valley based tech company Marseille Inc. is continuously pushing the
barriers of video quality, and committed to making video games look their best with
its Smart HDMI mCable. Marseille’s top engineers have embedded its mCable chip with
an advanced algorithm to bring out image quality never believed to be possible in
video games, until now.

We believe in our product, and we know you will too if you give it a chance. We
invite you to review the mCable Gaming Edition. If you’re interested in receiving a
press sample, please fill out the request form below. We look forward to hearing
from you!

The mTeam
Gaming Edition mCable Features
* Ideal for all Gamers
* Compatible with all Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Consoles
* Upconverts your games to 4K or True HD
* Anti-aliasing for Incredible Smoothing
* Pixel Processing for Sharper Images
* Processing with No Lag Time at 120 FPS
* Depth Enhancement for Greater Realism
* Color Restoration for Image Enrichment