A New Boss And More Comes To The Hunt: Showdown 6.0 Update

I am looking forward to trying this out and will look to post some video.

Hunt: Showdown Team Releases Update 6.0, New Boss

The Assassin – a challenging new boss – is now on the loose in Crytek’s multiplayer
bounty hunting game

FRANKFURT, Germany – May 2, 2019 – Hunt: Showdown fans have gotten their wish as
Update 6.0, available now, brings a new boss to the playing field. The Assassin
materializes in a whirlwind of bugs and rags, then spawns a pair of decoy clones in
order to distract players as it comes in for the killing blow. Update 6.0 also
contains six new weapons—the LeMat Revolver, Lebel Rifle, Bomb Lance, Alert Trip
Mine, Concertina Trip Mine and Ammo Box—and three new traits—Vulture, Ghoul and
Adrenaline. Players can get a look at all of these additions in a new video on the
Hunt YouTube channel.

The new boss comes at the request of the Hunt community, and so Crytek has published
an Assassin video dev diary in which Character Art Director Abdenour Bachir, Senior
Character Artist Chris Goodswen, Junior Technical Designer Robert Green, and Lead
Concept Artist Artem Shumnik discuss the creation process in light of the Assassin’s
moves and attacks, gameplay features, prototyping tools and the testing process. For
those who prefer the written word, a blog about the origin of the new AI, its
creation and its inspiration can be found here.

In addition to the boss, weapons, and traits, Update 6.0 also adds more Hunter
character variants, tweaks to improve the experience for brand-new players, and
improved hiding and unhiding of world geometry to improve performance for all
players. Players can get access to all of these additions immediately on Steam and
follow the latest Hunt: Showdown news on the game’s website.