The True Cost Of Heroism

The True Cost of Heroism: James Bond spends 18 times his salary on booze,
cars and gadgets every year

A new infographic compares the salaries and expenditures of popular
fictional characters to reveal the true cost of heroism.

Peter Parker only spends $1,125 on his superhero lifestyle each year,
while Bruce Wayne shells out a staggering $333,886,814.

Ghostbuster Peter Venkman has the least sustainable spend due to his
pricey proton pack, placing him almost $140,000,000 in debt.

Have you ever wondered how Indiana Jones pays for his daring adventures on
a college professor’s salary, or how Sherlock Holmes keeps up with his
Central London rent?

The True Cost of Heroism <> collates a
huge amount of data from each franchise and compares them across six areas
of expense to reveal each character’s total spend.

This includes education fees, rent, vehicle cost, specialist equipment and
gadgets, along with clothing and lifestyle expenditure.

The findings show how Bruce Wayne spends the most on his lavish lifestyle
with $333,886,814, while Peter Parker is the only other character who
spends within his means, saving $22,169 a year.

The detailed financial breakdown also reveals that Sherlock Holmes spends
twice his $47,725 income on his Central London residence, specialist
equipment and cigars. Walter White’s criminal lifestyle costs him five
times his Chemistry Teacher’s salary, while Buffy Summers blows $69,886 on
slaying each year.

You may know that the gadgets featured in Ghostbusters are out of this
world, but did you know that it would cost $136,000,000 to build a proton
pack in real life? Or that Bruce Wayne’s batmobile amounts to at least

Fictional characters who overspend the most:

Peter Venkman

$136,146,915 in debt

James Bond

$911,467 in debt

Walter White

$205,264 in debt

All 7 overdrawn fictional characters featured rack up a ridiculous
$137,485,640 of annual debt between them, while Batman and Spider-Man walk
away with $8,886,135,355 in profit each year.

The full list of films and TV shows featured include:



Breaking Bad

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Stranger Things


James Bond

Indiana Jones

Sherlock Holmes

To find out which pop culture characters are living beyond their means and
who knows how to budget, The True Cost of Heroism has all the information
you could need and much more.

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