Eagle Eyes: Charli NL Low Light And Night Glasses

With low light and night conditions being a problem for working, driving, and social situations; quality and affordable eyewear can be an issue.

Enter Eagle Eyes https://www.eagleeyes.com/ who many may associate with optical solutions for gamers and computer users. This is however only a small part of what they offer. I evaluated the Charli NL which offered a flexible frame with effective filtering features. I was at first concerned that such a light and flexible frame would not prove to be durable but it held up very well. I used them while working in the dark and also driving and walking in low-light situations. Sometimes when I have my contacts in the glare can make reading an e-mail tricky without adjusting the lighting. With these glasses it was no longer an issue.

I showed off the units at the recent Phoenix Fan Fusion convention and visitors to our booth who tried them were also impressed with how they filtered light in brighter lighting and said they would be ideal for extended night driving, sporting in low light, as well as gaming and computer use.

Once again Eagle Eyes has produced a quality unit which offers great benefits for those looking for eyewear in a low light setting and one that has a stylish look as well.