Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Hands-On E3 2019

During our coverage of E3 2019 we had the chance to play the latest Ghost Recon game Breakpoint. During our session a team of four were tasked to infiltrate a base, sabotage it, and make off with a wounded person of interest. As anyone who played Ghost Recon Wildlands knows that mixing stealth and combat is the key to a successful mission.

That is very accurate for the new game as the enemy are a force that is at least as well trained as the Ghosts so players will be on the defensive from the start against enemies that often have the upper hand in firepower and ability not just numbers.

One new technology players will have is the ability to lay down in a prone position and blend themselves into the cover which is necessary due to the abundant and deadly drones that lurk in the skies above.

Another interesting feature is being able to take different types of injury damage. Sound wounds can be treated with an injection while others will require bandaging. The latter is a slow process which does leave a player open to attack as their are fully involved in the process and thus cover is essential when using this versus the injection which is quickly applied.

While traditional enemies provided a decent enough challenge; being able to tag them with our drones prior to attack made it easier for the team to be aware of enemies and plan a coordinated attack. Cutting into a fence and making our way in, taking out the enemies, reaching our objectives and getting our sabotage plan in place went well enough.

We were treated to a series of cut scenes which allowed us to get a better understanding of the characters,, their situation, and backgrounds, and we also saw how a player could carry an individual who was wounded which results in very slow movement and the ability to only be able to use a pistol.

Sadly this was just a warm up as once the other factions arrived the game became very deadly. I came down the stairs and encountered a group of Elite Soldiers and was able to dispatch six of them but they were able to get other members of the team. went away from the strategy of taking cover and stood tall firing as they emerged which worked fine but wave after wave made it a Hollow Victory as they stopped the team from completing an objective despite taking heavy losses.

The demo did not let us use a new Glider system and we were not able to use vehicles as our Host took one of the lead characters and was in charge of our mission which comprised the four various classes.

I am looking forward to playing more of the game as I have really enjoyed Ghost Recon: Wildlands as well as the DLC for the game and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint looks like another winner for Ubisoft.