Greetings & Salutations Everyone!


Like it or not, Zombies have become a staple in pop culture thanks to the popularity of classic films like ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ from the work of George A. Romero and modern films like ‘Warm Bodies’. TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, and iZombie keep fans going on a seasonal basis. Now, the folks at Amazon have thrown their hat into the ring with a series that’s part horror part comedy from creator/writer Will Gong, producer Gabriel Reiter, and director Lauren Klixbull .. ‘BunkHeads’.


Starring Carly Turro, Khalif Boyd, Chris O’Brien, and Josh Covitt the series is an Amazon sitcom that brings the viewer in one year after the zombie apocalypse. 4 unlikely survivors reside inside the cramped confines of an underground bunker. As the undead ravage what remains of the world above, the group of survivors attempt to survive without driving one another irrevocably insane. Easier said than done right? You’ve got Kip (O’Brien) a white rapper wannabe who acts like he’s 14, Dani (Turro) a struggling actress who gets right to the point, Matt (Covitt) that weirdo teacher who was/is way too nice to students, and Cash (Boyd) a computer/software tech who seems to channel his OCD by staying in shape. What at first appeared as salvation has become the center of the tension between them as the isolation of living in the bunker combined with the mutual frustrations they have towards lead to confrontation, reconciliation, and one humorously awkward moment after another. Amongst this chaos we get glimpses into the lives they had before and the dreams (for some, delusional fantasies) they have and learn that the real challenge is indeed putting up with each other rather than the legions of zombies up above.


I’ve previously had the chance to checkout several movies by Amazon but have yet to check out any of their shows (with the exception of ‘The Man In The High Castle’). At first, I thought the idea of 10 minute episodes was too short. Like most folks, I’m used to ‘traditional’ 30 minute to 60 minute shows. However, as I watched the first season I came to the conclusion that the 10 minute episode format was an excellent idea on their part. The shows don’t drag on and the episodes are so well-written that you don’t need more than 10 minutes. It’s funny, it’s goofy, and every so often a heartfelt moment. If I were going to rate this project, i’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. This could easily go a few seasons if the writers can put out episodes that are as funny if not funnier and I could even see them making a 1 hour movie out of it Down the road. Give ‘BunkHeads’ a look. You’ll certainly get some laughs out of it.