Krypton Radio Celebrates 10 Years Of Providing Science Fiction News And Entertainment

In many ways the success of Krypton Radio can be called “The Little Show That Could”. In 2009, Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow were gamers who were frustrated over not being able to find a station that filled their need for Science Fiction content to listen to while they played.

Rather than lament their shortcomings; the duo founded Krypton Radio and are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary. With fans spanning the world and including 194 countries; the station started with volunteers who took part due to their love of Science Fiction and belief in the show.

While there were obstacles along the way and the hardships that come with finding ongoing financing; the station grew from a curiosity to a full-time business that has grown to be the leading Science Fiction station available and one that offers a wide range of content to their audience.

The station has not only served as a basis for fans to gather the latest news but it also serves as a conduit which has brought some of the best content creators in the genre to fans at a level that is rarely seen.

The stations website is filled with the latest news and also offers an opportunity for those looking to break into the business to see their content published and earn a small bit of money in the process.

As with any Web-based business; the site/station depends on support from listeners as they look to grow.

For those looking for Science Fiction news and entertainment, check them out at