When the lights go out all over the world struggling singer-songwriter, Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), is blindsided by a double decker bus. The bus knocks him off his bike and sends him flying across the pavement where he lands unconscious. When he wakes up he is missing his beard and a couple of front teeth. He thinks it just been the worst end of the worst day of his life. But he couldn’t be more wrong. Earlier he had decided to give up his quest for fame and go back to being a teacher. Despite his best friend, manager, fan since grade school Ellie (Lily James) trying hard to convince him to not give up on his dreams. But days after the crash Jack is still ready to hang it up. Elle as a present for Jack leaving the hospital gives him a brand new guitar. Jack decides to play a song but a great guitar needs a great song so he plays Yesterday by The Beattles. When he is finished Elle is almost in tears, his friends Nick and Carol (Harry Michell and Sophia Di Marino) are in sock. They want to know where he came up with this amazing song. Jack tells them the greatest pop band in history…The Beattles. But they have no idea who that is and neither does the rest of the world. Now Jack is the only person in the world who knows the songs of one of the top selling iconic bands in history. It’s not long before the world comes to know of Jack Malik the single greatest song writer of all time. But will he be found out as a fraud, will fame and money change him and most importantly will he leave behind the people he cares for most.

This Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) director comedy is original and well written, by Jack Barth (story) and RAbbey Mordue

ichard Curtis (screenplay). The story is part romantic comedy and part fantasy film. It’s original and fun but there are times that the story is clunky and oddly put together. There are times that feel like major events are skipped over. The soundtrack is definitely filled with The Beattles with some modern music sprinkled in, including Ed Sheerran who plays himself in the film. If you are a fan of The Beattles you will definitely enjoy the film and how they wind the music into the story. The cast is fun and fit well together. Patel is both awkward and troubled and he does a well in the lead. He also does a great job singing. Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live) is great as a money hungry music executive.

I admittedly am a huge fan of The Beattles and was very excited but premise of this film. At the very least I would be able to listen to good music for two hours. But I really enjoyed the originality and visuals that were put together. The story while clunky at times was overall fun to watch. When you thought it was predictable and knew where the film was taking you the story would divert slightly and surprise you. It is a fun date movie that worth the price of a movie ticket.

4 out of 5