Show Creator Brock LaBorde Talks SpaceWorld

Recently we spoke with show creator Brock LaBorde about the new animated show SpaceWorld

What is the background and setting for the show?

The show is set in the a largely disorganized and run-down universe known as
SpaceWorld. It’s a really old place with a convoluted history – no one’s really
in charge of things or paying attention to the big picture, and everything is
broken and crummy. So it should feel kinda familiar to us Earthlings (although I
want to be clear that there is no Earth in SpaceWorld).

There are a lot of big and ridiculous problems eating away at the fabric of
SpaceWorld, and our show follows one unlucky spaceship crew who eventually get
caught up in those big problems and millions of tinier ones.


What have been some of your biggest challenges and greatest success stories with

So far, we haven’t had any challenges! When I pitched it to Octopie, they
immediately supported my bizarre ideas and gave me room to build a really big,
really stupid world. And then when LowBrow Studios came onboard as the animation
team, they somehow perfectly understood the quirky tone I was going for. They
brought my goofy visions to life, and also enriched those visions with their own
details and designs.


What can you tell us about the characters of the show?


Most of the characters in SpaceWorld are bandits, criminals, and other lowlife scum. Some of them, like the
ScumLords, are literally composed of actual scum. Tommy and Greg play a couple
of ruthless bounty hunters named TX and Drogol, who coast around in a badass
Neutrino Mega-Warship hunting down alien weirdos and messing things up wherever
they go.

TX commands an ever-growing crew of misfit mercenaries (you meet
Bleebee, Computer Person, Sherbert Brown, and Worfus in the pilot), and together
with them, TX tackles whatever dirty jobs he can while searching the infinite
cosmos for his home planet. It should also be noted that TX will be the only
“human-looking” character in this show. Everyone else is aliens.

Will you be at SDCC with the show?

I doubt it, but we are bringing the show to RTX in July, so if you’re around
Austin, check it out then and there.


What can you tell us about the visual look of the show and the tone?

I hope people find the look and tone of the show to be something new and unique.
Progress has stagnated on a grand scale for a long time in SpaceWorld, so it’s a
grimy universe, and most of the ships/weapons/cities are in beat-up, dumpy
condition. It’s not a sleek and slick-looking world. The tone is quirkily
comedic, and will likely be appreciated by the stoner

How many episodes will you start with?

For now, we’ve just got this pilot to gauge the audience response. We are passionate
about making more episodes, though, whether it be short form digital or more
long form broadcast. And I think I’ve already written a pile of stuff that could
fill more than a season thus far.

Where will the show be available?

The pilot is free to watch on the Octopie Youtube channel