TSM Announces Logitech Partnership

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LOS ANGELES, CA – July 10, 2019 – TSM (Team SoloMid), the premier digital gaming
platform that includes championship esports teams, leading global gaming
influencers, and educational websites, today announced the RISE Conference in Hong
Kong a renewed, stronger than ever partnership with Logitech G, the leading
innovator of gaming technologies and gear.

Building on a unique and successful five-year partnership, this new three-year
agreement solidifies Logitech G as the longest tenured partner of TSM and will
connect to all parts of the esports organization: esports teams, gaming influencers,
digital products, and content creation.

“Esports is one of the most captivating and exciting fields of professional
competition in the world and is changing how people combine athleticism, cognition,
and technology,” stated Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager at Logitech
G. “We are excited and honored to continue our global partnership with TSM,
combining our efforts to grow the world of esports.”

The partnership blends the core values of performance and innovation that TSM and
Logitech G share. Logitech G gear will continue to enhance the performance of TSM’s
players and influencers and in turn, Logitech G will gather data and feedback from
TSM to further develop leading gaming equipment.

“TSM’s collaboration with Logitech G is a partnership that touches all areas of our
organization,” says Andy Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM. “Logitech G has been a huge
supporter of TSM’s goals since the start of our organization, and this multi-year
renewal will advance our shared long term visions. Logitech G’s innovation has truly
improved the performance of TSM players, which helps our platform evolve and thrive.
There is no better long term partner to have than Logitech G as TSM plays to win.”

In addition, TSM will create custom content to support the revolutionary new
products Logitech seeks to develop, thus providing pros and amateurs alike with
real-life skills and advice to optimize their performance, no matter what level they
are playing at.

For more than a decade, TSM has fielded some of the most talented and successful
professional esports teams in North America, competing across multiple titles such
as League of Legends(tm), Fortnite(tm), Super Smash Brothers(tm),Rocket League(r),
and RainbowSix|Siege and Magic: The Gathering. In addition to its elite players, TSM
has one of the largest, most engaged fan bases in esports with nearly 80 million
followers across multiple social platforms, and a network of gaming sites that
boasts over 180 million page views a month.