Super 7 Reveals Thier SDCC Universal Monsters Collection

It will be interesting to see this up close when we cover next week.


Super7 returns again this year with the Revenge of the Boodega Pop-up Event, a collaboration between Super7 and Universal Monsters.

The abomination begins after dark in San Diego on Comic-Con Wednesday (7/17) with the opening of this year’s Monsters Boodega! The media preview will be from 8-9pm on Wed evening, coming after Wednesday’s SDCC Preview Night. Please RSVP if you’d like to attend.

For our surprising release, Super7 and Topps are happy to announce a colossal collaboration with the revolting reveal of the first ever Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters trading cards! All of your classic Universal Monsters are lovingly re-imagined in the delightfully disgusting Garbage Pail Kids style on 24 unique trading cards and stickers, packaged in an authentic wax pack – just like the original Garbage Pail Kids cards, but without the gross gum! Each wax pack of six is a random card and sticker assortment of the craziest collision of creepy classics you can imagine! $6 per pack, while supplies last.

In addition to the cards, Super7 is bringing a stylish selection of thrilling threads and alarming apparel! Six all-new Exclusive Universal Monsters designs to haunt your closet at Halloween and all year-round. Choose from the Universal Monsters x Garbage Pail Kids tee, Japanese Monsters Long Sleeve tee, Gross Frankenstein tee and more. Get these spooky styles before they get you! But the horror doesn’t end there, come check out all the horrifying items at the Boodega, including:

  • Limited Edition 3.5” Japense ReAction figures
  • Universal Monsters Puffy Stickers Pack and Chenille Patches
  • The Creature Lagoon towel
  • 3 Retro Monster Masks to collect
  • Limited Edition Screen printed candles
  • Monster Vision glasses and Underwater Creature specs
  • The Creature Jigsaw puzzle and Boodega Coloring Book
  • 4 to Collect Drive-thru Drinkware – 16oz Pint Glasses
  • 6-Pack Keshi Surprise in Bright Neon Colors

Boodega 1Boodega 2Bukets_02Card04Drinkware