Vivitar DVR 917HD Camera

Fans of Action Cams will find lots of value in the Vivitar DVR 917HD camera. The compact device captures audio/video in up to 4K resolution and allows users to select the resolution that works best for them as well as their storage needs.

The unit allows users to adjust which storage card size works best for them as naturally the higher resolution selected means the more space it will take up storage wise so users will want to keep this in mind.

The menu system can take some getting used to as using a power button and a side button to navigate through the menus and set information can be frustrating at first and requires some trial and error especially since you can only move in one direction in the menu.

Once set, the unit was easy to operate and my only real qualm with the unit was the lack of a strap. I have used an older Vivitar 1080 camera for ages and I found the strap and clip it comes with area ideal as I can wear it around my neck and clip it to my shirt for storage and use at conventions.

The 917HD required me to hold the unit to operate it or put it in its case for operation. Working the floor at San Diego Comic-Con was mostly without issue but it was tricky when congestion came into play and jostled me around.

The unit did take great video and audio and when compared to our usual Action Camera there was a notable sharpness to the video which is saying something as we have been very happy with the quality of the prior camera and keep it in heavy use.

The unit has a waterproof casing as well as a helmet and mounts allowing users to take footage even during extreme moments. One thing that I really enjoyed was the remote which allowed me to record at the touch of a button which is ideal when conditions make touching the button of the camera difficult.

The price of the unit is also attractive as many retail options have the camera listed at $49.99

If you are looking to move to 4K captures with your Action Camera and do not want to break the bank; then the Vivitar DVR 917HD may just be the camera for you.