Wolfenstein Youngblood

The latest game in the popular Wolfenstein series has arrived with
Wolfenstein Youngblood and it is a departure from the prior games in the
series. The series originated on early computers with Castle Wolfenstein
and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein before emerging years later as an early
First Person Shooter Game. The success of the series has endured with this
now being the fourth release in the series since Bethesda took control of
the series.

Unlike prior games in the series, BJ Blazkowicz is a minor character and
players will plat as either Soph or Jess; his teenage twins. Like the
prior games in the series, the Nazi’s are in control and in this alternate
version of the 1980s; the twins must work with one another to complete
various missions with the Resistance in order to save the day.

The game requires players to play in a Co-Op mode with either another
player or the A.I. controlling the other sister. This is tricky as if one
dies; the game ends and you also must repeat the entire level as there are
no checkpoints and saves.

I strongly suggest playing with another player as thanks to the Buddy Pass
option; you can play with a friend who has the Trial Version of the game
or be randomly matched with another player. The trick with being matched
with another player is that you do not have control over which missions
you will play and I have played far more of the “Brother 2” level than I
wanted to.

The A.I. also has issues with doing things like going full bore into a
large mass of enemies with low health when you are in need of aid. The
smart move would be to withdraw, help heal your sister, and regroup, but
this does not happen. It can be very frustrating to be deep in a level and
lose it due to issues like this.

There were also some annoying crashes like when I was in the final battle
with the Uber Boss and had to repeat several levels to return to where I

Thankfully the game looks great and the action is as intense and brutal as
any in the series. There are numerous weapons which can be upgraded via
Silver coins that players collect and they will be needed as the enemies
are abundant and the Mechanized units can really end your game fast.
There are also special weapons players can obtain as well as gun
emplacements which really help turn the tide of the battle.

In between missions’ players can hang out in headquarters and explore as
well as take on additional side missions and interact with various N.P.C.

While some may take exception to the new style of play, the characters,
and other issues; the game is attractively prices at $29.99 and seeing how
Bethesda has been providing updates on a regular basis; this is a
Wolfenstein game that fans who exercise a bit of patience and adaptation
can warm up to as I did.

3 stars out of 5.