Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Fans of the Wolfenstein series of games who have made the leap to Virtual Reality will want to experience Wolfenstein Cyberpilot for a new perspective on the classic series.

Players take control of various Mechs from Panzerhounds to other war machines of the Reich to help turn the tables on the hordes occupying the city.

Players will have to maneuver their Mechs via remote connection which entails navigations, combat, and repairs.

I did find the opening segment and tutorial to be highly-detailed but as I had played the game at E3; I wished that I could have skipped it and gone straight to the action as being strapped into my PSVR had me ready to go and not wait for an extended series of tasks and tutorials.

Once I got to the action I gleefully sprayed enemy units with flame and took way too much delight into being behind the controls of one of the awesome Mechs of the series instead of my usual stance of trying to take one down on foot.

As you progress you will have access to better technology and the ability to deploy a shield mid-combat and deploy your Repair Drones is great fun when cutting enemies down.

There is some learning involved as while I could move forward and turn easily enough; I did find it a pain not to be able to pull back as easily as I would in a F.P.S.

This often can lead players to go toe to toe with larger enemy units and slug it out to see who is the last one standing.

Having missiles and a barrage of bullets at your disposal is always a big help in games of this type and Cyberpilot is no exception. The locales are graphically well-done but look on par with other recent games in the series.

Perhaps the biggest complaint I can levy against the game is that while fun and engaging; it tends to be better enjoyed in smaller doses as it is not something you would play for hours on end as it will become repetitive. I found that 60-90 minutes at a time was a great option as I got in some solid gameplay but also gave myself a rest from the detailed and immersive V.R. environment.

While it does not set new standards for V.R. gaming, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot does provide a fun new perspective for the series as long as you temper your expectations.

3 stars out of 5