SeaWorld Offers A Unique Look For Guests

SEAWORLD VISITORS CAN ‘SEE WHAT THE VETS SEE’ DURING SPECIAL BEHIND-THE-SCENES OPPORTUNITIES IN SEPTEMBER Back by popular demand, Inside Look is open to all park guests SAN DIEGO (Sept. 4, 2019) — SeaWorld visitors can “See What the Vets See” during special behindthe-scenes opportunities at the marine park during two weekends in September. It’s all part of Inside Look, where park guests can go beyond the shows, rides and attractions to get an up close look at how SeaWorld cares for its family of animals during incredible opportunities at seven different locations, Sept. 7–8 and 14–15. During Inside Look, visitors will be able to look behind the curtain at the habitats for dolphins, orcas, Humboldt penguins and beluga whales, as well as get a rare glimpse of SeaWorld’s Animal Health and Rescue Center and Oiled Wildlife Care Center. They may even get the chance to witness a veterinary exam or procedure. Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and Project Wildlife will join in the program, giving visitors an inside perspective on how SeaWorld collaborates with partner agencies in animal rescue, research and conservation. The best part of Inside Look is that it’s open to all guests and included with park admission. Guests who visit all seven areas and have their Explorer’s Guide stamped can collect a free 2019 beluga-themed Expert Explorer pin.


SeaWorld to the rescue! 1. Rescue and research collaboration Visitors to this area will meet the SeaWorld Rescue Team and learn how they care for hundreds of stranded and sick animals every year, with the goal of rehabilitating and returning them for a second chance at life. Plus, participants will hear from senior researchers with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI). a. Sept. 7 and 8 Dr. Brent Stewart and Dr. Pam Yochem will speak about the collaborative research between SeaWorld and HSWRI on post-return behavior and survival of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles. b. Sept. 14 and 15 Dr. Ann Bowles will speak about how HSWRI collaborates with SeaWorld on research aimed at preventing harmful interactions between humans and marine mammals, such as entanglement in marine debris and fishing gear. 2. Veterinary hospital From penguins to sea stars to beluga whales and more, SeaWorld’s veterinarians care for all different types of animals. Visitors to the park’s animal hospital will see where the veterinary team performs examinations and medical procedures, and will get a sneak peek at the laboratory where all of diagnostic samples are analyzed. Lucky guests may even catch one of the veterinarians in action doing an exam.
Media: For more information, contact Kelly Terry, SeaWorld Public Relations, at (619) 225-3241 or [email protected].

Photos of SeaWorld Inside Look are available here.


  1. Humboldt penguins While cold weather penguins may get all the attention, here is a chance to learn more about the conservation successes and challenges for a temperate-climate species: the Humboldt penguin. Most visitors to SeaWorld have probably never seen the Humboldt penguin colony, as it is behind the scenes and can only be accessed during special tours. 4. Orca care seen from above Visitors to this area will see how orca behaviorists and veterinarians weigh the whales, conduct health exams, conduct ultrasounds and perform hearing studies. They’ll also learn how the care of SeaWorld’s whales helps wild populations. This unique opportunity will take place in the skywalks overlooking the orca care and research facility. 5. Bird rescue and conservation Everyone knows that SeaWorld rescues marine mammals and sea turtles, but they may not know that birds constitute the vast majority of animals rescued by the park. Guests will meet the bird rescue team and learn how they care for injured and ill birds, and are ready to respond in the event of an oil spill. Visitors will also meet members of Project Wildlife, a program of San Diego Humane Society, and learn how they work together with SeaWorld to help local injured birds. 6. Daily care of bottlenose dolphins Guests will get up close to dolphins and learn about their care from SeaWorld veterinarians and behaviorists. Guests may witness routine husbandry practices, which are all part of the dolphins’ daily care. 7. Beluga whales and water quality Visitors to the beluga habitat at Wild Arctic will learn all about this amazing arctic species and may even catch a glimpse of behaviorists conducting a health exam with a beluga whale. They’ll also learn about the importance of clean water. In order to ensure a healthy environment for all of SeaWorld’s animals, a team of water quality professionals works around the clock testing water, cleaning pools and monitoring systems.

The best way to enjoy SeaWorld all year long is with a SeaWorld Silver “SoCal” Annual Pass, which allows repeat admission for one year with no blockout dates, plus free general parking, discounts, two free guest tickets for promotional dates and more. And, every visit to a SeaWorld park helps support its animal rescue program. For more information visit or call (619) 222-4SEA