James Bond’s 300,000 Air Miles Revealed

To Say that he gets around is an understatement as now you can see exactly how far the famous spy has ventured in his cinematic outings


No Time to Drive: James Bond’s 300,000 air miles revealed

  • 007 has travelled a staggering 337,903 miles throughout the franchise, new
    research reveals.

  • A new interactive guide, 007 Atlas, dissects each of the official Bond films to
    reveal every journey and mile travelled while on Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  • Nobody does it better than Roger Moore, who is the most travelled Bond with 98,611
    miles under his belt, while Daniel Craig covers an average 21,444 miles per film.

  • The 007 Atlas shows that Bond’s favourite destination outside England is the
    United States, followed by Russia and Italy.

James Bond has a licence to travel as well as kill, according to brand new research
– the 007 Atlas.

If you’ve ever wondered which Bond visited the most exotic locations, who covered
the most mileage or where 007 used his licence to kill the most, 007 Atlas collates
all countries visited across every film to reveal the most iconic locations of the
franchise so far.

All 24 official films are analysed in detail to reveal every journey, and to find
out the most-visited continent and country, the most wordly Bond, and the total
mileage he has covered while on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The data reveals that James Bond has covered a total of 337,903 miles and beat the
living daylights out of villains in a staggering 63 different countries throughout
the series. He has made the most stops (32) back home in London, England, and 15
across the pond in the United States.

007 has ventured to Russia (with love and without it) 12 times, and Italy on nine
occasions. Bond has even visited Afghanistan, Iceland and Vatican City. On average,
the superspy travels 14,079 miles in each film.

Despite Bond having made 175 trips across 24 films, he still has 142 locations and
two continents (Antarctica and Australia) left to visit.

Roger Moore is the man with the golden passport, with a total distance of 98,611
miles covered across seven films. Moore also proved that the world really is not
enough, by venturing into outer space in 1979’s Moonraker.

Daniel Craig can take a quantum of solace in the fact that his Bond has racked up
85,778 miles since emerging from the sea in his blue trunks, and could be set to
eclipse Moore’s total in the upcoming No Time to Die, while Sean Connery travelled
81,828 across his six outings.

The total distance covered across all 007 films (337,903) is equivalent to more than
13 full laps around the equator, or 98 trips between London and New York.

Daniel Craig has covered the most distance per outing, with an average of 21,444
miles per film, followed by Roger Moore with 14,087 miles and Sean Connery with
13,638 miles per film.

Bond Actor
Countries Visited
Continents Visited
Mileage Covered

Sean Connery

George Lazenby

Roger Moore

Timothy Dalton

Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig

007 Atlas allows users to break down Bond’s journey by individual film and see his
travels mapped out, and also features exclusive trivia and facts. Did you know
Bond’s Scottish heritage was only created by Ian Fleming following Sean Connery’s
iconic performance in Dr. No, while the volcano set used in You Only Live Twice
could be seen from up to three miles away?

Other interesting insights from the franchise include the real-life filming
locations, the changing residences for the iconic MI6 HQ, and nods to those who
inspired the character of 007.

The map has also been updated to include confirmed filming locations for the
upcoming 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die, set to be released in April 2020.

To find out where in the world Bond uses his Licence to Kill and just how far he has
journeyed while on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, vist 007 Atlas here: