RAGE 2: Rise Of The Ghosts DLC

The first DLC pack for RAGE 2 has been released and with Rise of the Ghosts; players are introduced to a new region called the “Overgrown City” and they soon find themselves at odds with a group known as the “Ghosts”. The Ghosts are Feltrite powered enemies who have many of your Ranger abilities like being able to shift and phase. This combined with their sheer numbers and ferocity makes them challenge enemies.

The Ghosts have been terrorizing the area and have a small community of survivors under their iron grip, and so it is up to players playing once again as Ranger Walker to save the day.

Players will once again have their arsenal of weapons and abilities to go with their vehicles as they battle the Ghosts and will be able to gain new weapons and abilities along the way. One new ability allows you to grip enemies and hurl them into objects.

The new weapon is a Feltrite Laser Launcher but it like many of the major guns in Rage are not always so easy to find and take plenty of exploring.

The main threat in the game is a Ghost named Iris who has a demented view of how the world should be and will stop at nothing to see it through. This sets Walker on a series of Main and Side missions where he has to free prisoners, clear enemy camps, stop various enemy operations, and save the day.

While there is nothing radically new and different, the core gameplay is enjoyable and the campaign can be completed in a few hours leaving a few side missions and unexplored areas to take in. While I would not say that Rise of the Ghosts alone is worth the price of the DLC; as a first entry it is a worthy one and extends the life and enjoyment of RAGE 2.

4 stars out of 5.