Big Mouth: NYCC Cast Interview

Day one of NYCC 2019 and Big Mouth’s Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jessi Klein were on hand to talk Season 3 dropping on Netflix at midnight PST Friday, October 4. Big Mouth’s first two seasons have been a remarkably deft combination of raunchy comedy and heartfelt honesty and the show’s third promises to continue the trend. Creator Nick Kroll dropped some hints about what to expect and frankly it sounds even more bonkers than what’s come before.

Season 3 introduces Missy’s hormone monstress Mona (Thandie Newton) with the personality of a London party girl as well as new characters played by Ali Wong and Martin Short. The Queer Eye cast also pays a visit to makeover Coach Steve. Nick Kroll’s Nick continues his journey into puberty with Connie (Maya Rudolph). Kroll characterized Nick’s hormones as being somewhere between male and female continuing the show’s habit of tackling the realities of adolescence, puberty, and sexuality head on. In a similar vein Jason Mantzoukas’ Jay will continue to explore his bisexuality and face his troubled home life, moving in with Nick’s family for a bit.

Speaking about the show’s aforementioned honesty Kroll spoke to Big Mouth’s inception and noted that while it was not his, nor the other creators’ intention to appeal to or help kids going through adolescence, having created it for themselves, the response, and the idea that it could comfort a kid feeling alone or awkward in their body is a huge honor to him. Mantzoukas echoed the statement speaking to a story he had heard from a friend who found out his kid was secretly watching the show – leading to some frank conversations they never would have had otherwise. It goes without saying Big Mouth is a show not to be missed and now’s the time to catch up! Stream all three seasons starting Friday, October 4 on Netflix!


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