Funko HQ: A Look Inside

I have been on a business trip for the last couple of weeks in Everett,WA and made it a point to visit the Funko HQ while I was here. The Funko HQ is a 90,000 square ft building and the bottom floor is their 17,000-square-foot flagship store and I was in awe the moment I walked in.
My inner child jumped up and down with excitement. First I was greeted with a map/price guide and it made me feel like I was on an adventure. Every room was based on certain themes for example the Harry Potter area made me feel like I was in Hogsmeade where I got to wander and window shop at store fronts straight out of the Harry Potter universe. After walking through the entrance of Sleeping Beauty’s castle I was in the Star Wars area. I felt like I was on the Ice Planet of Hoth and being in the middle of October the weather provided a slight yet perfect chill in that area.
I have always loved themed stores such as this. When I was a kid one of my favorite stores other than the Disney store of course was the WB store which sadley is long gone. It had interactive areas along with really great attention to detail. It was this type of detail that I loved.
The Funko HQ’s has by far the best detail I have ever seen. The store has a way of letting us escape our hectic lives for just a little while and immerses us into the magical worlds we have grown to love. Plenty of photo opportunities are located throughout the store as well. You can even create your own Pop! figure in the mix-and-match factory (with the help from a Funko team member).
The staff was friendly, helpful and the check out process was super speedy. I even was complemented on my purse and wallet. So the next time you are in WA or if you already live here; be sure to make the trip and you won’t be disappointed. Also for more information on the Funko HQ please visit: also be on the lookout for special events and exclusives.