Borderlands 3 Reveals Bloody Harvest Launch Dates

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It’s a big day, Vault Hunter – the biggest since launch! Today, Borderlands 3 will receive a substantial update containing both the free seasonal event Bloody Harvest and a major patch that addresses a number of reported concerns, including support for both Photo Mode and the ECHOcast Twitch Extension on consoles. This update will be live for all players by or before 3 p.m. Pacific Time today.

If you’re not already familiar with all the unique challenges and rewards associated with Bloody Harvest, you can read all about the event right here – or you can catch the seriously spooky trailer here. To download screenshots and art, please visit our asset page. Once it unlocks later today, Bloody Harvest will continue to run through December 5.

In addition to Bloody Harvest, today’s update also includes weekly hotfixes and a substantial new patch. The team at Gearbox has also shared an update roadmap, revealing plans for new features and other upcoming updates for the first time anywhere. For a complete list of changes implemented in today’s patch and hotfix, plus an outline of what’s coming, we encourage you to check out this extensive blog.

[TRAILER] Borderlands 3 Free Seasonal Event “Bloody Harvest” Goes Live October 24, New Trailer Available Now


Do you feel that chill running up your spine, Vault Hunter? It must be the call of Bloody Harvest, the first free seasonal event for Borderlands 3! Today we’re excited to announce that Bloody Harvest will run from October 24 through December 5. To get your first taste of Bloody Harvest in action, feast your eyes on this brand new trailer.

If you haven’t already heard, this supremely spooky in-game event features tons of fresh content, including Haunted enemy types, the Terror combat mechanic, a new unique Legendary weapon, and a new boss fight against the fearsome Captain Haunt. If you manage to survive the creepy challenges of Bloody Harvest, you can earn cosmetic rewards, including Vault Hunter skins, a weapon trinket, and more.


For new details on how Bloody Harvest will work, as well as additional information about the terrors, challenges, and rewards that await you, please refer to this blog. You can also download Bloody Harvest screenshots by clicking here. And to check out some spooky jack-o’-lantern stencils, cosplay guides, and other festive, community-focused content, check out this post.

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As the month-long Borderlands Anniversary Celebration nears its final week and Bloody Harvest draws near, we’re bringing a double dose of bonuses to Borderlands 3. This week’s event, Mayhem on Twitch, rewards players and viewers alike as Mayhem Mode and the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch Extension get kicked up a notch.

For the duration of the event, players who enable Mayhem Mode will see an increased drop chance for Anointed gear, increased XP gains for defeating enemies, and reduced values for various Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers.

Meanwhile, viewers and streamers on Twitch will enjoy amped-up ECHOcast features. Badass Viewer Events will occur more often (this is a permanent change, too!), and voting periods will be accelerated during the event to make these viewer-controlled badasses even more of a challenge. In addition, Rare Chest Events will have a 100% guaranteed win rate this week instead of the usual one-in-four chance.

As a reminder, Mayhem Mode can only be enabled once you’ve finished Borderlands 3’s main story campaign, which unlocks a special console aboard Sanctuary III. In contrast, earning rewards through ECHOcast requires almost no effort; all you need to do is link your SHiFT and Twitch accounts. Even if you don’t own Borderlands 3 yet, you can still take part in the fun. Any rewards you score via Rare Chest Events will be waiting for you in your in-game mailbox whenever you jump into Borderlands 3. For a step-by-step guide to linking your SHiFT and Twitch accounts, please refer to this blog.

Mayhem on Twitch will begin courtesy of a quick micropatch deploying by or before 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 22 and run through October 29, when the final week’s theme begins. If you’re playing while the micropatch goes live, you’ll receive an in-game notification. To ensure the micropatch is successfully applied, verify that you’re online, then simply remain in the main menu for a minute or two.

We’ll be unveiling all the bonuses for each week’s theme every Monday this month on, so be sure to check back to see what’s in store for the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration. For more Borderlands 3 assets and additional information about the game, please visit

The genre-defining, award-winning shooter-looter arrives on a variety of PC-powered virtual reality headsets.
2K and Gearbox Software today announced that Borderlands 2 VR is now available on Steam, making the immersive virtual reality version of the critically-acclaimed shooter-looter available to an even wider audience of VR fans. Officially supported headsets include the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift S.

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 VR brings the iconic world of Pandora to life like never before. Fans can virtually become a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter, grab 87 bazillion guns, and face off against the galaxy’s most charming psychopathic dictator, Handsome Jack, to free Pandora from the corrupt Hyperion Corporation.

Borderlands 2 VR on PC offers the same full-featured experience as the PlayStation®VR version. The massive story campaign you know and love has been updated and optimized for VR, adding features like motion controls and the new Bad Ass Mega Fun Time mechanic. This series-first feature lets you temporarily slow down the action to dodge an attack or appreciate a particularly beautiful explosion. In addition, the BAMF DLC Pack – available as a free add-on after you’ve purchased Borderlands 2 VR – adds a whopping 16 pieces of DLC content to the base experience.

For more information about Borderlands 2 VR’s features and content, please refer to this fact sheet. For insight into the game’s recommended PC specs, check out today’s blog post. To see an updated trailer for Borderlands 2 VR on Steam, please click here. And to download screenshots, art, and other Borderlands 2 VR assets, please click here.

Borderlands 2 VR is rated ‘M for Mature’ by the ESRB and is single-player only. For additional assets, please visit For more information about the Borderlands franchise – including the recently released Borderlands 3 – please visit