Dying Light To Incorporate Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons

I would love a Left 4 Dead 3 but this is a nice idea as well.

Game’s arsenal expanded with iconic Left 4 Dead 2 weapons

October 24, 2019 — Techland and Valve have teamed up for a homage to the
critically acclaimed cooperative first person-shooter, Left 4 Dead 2, by
creating a 4 day crossover event within Techland’s huge hit Dying Light.

In this 4 day event commencing October 24, 2019, Zombie slayers will
experience an increased number of Virals, waves of attacking hordes, an
intensifying fight for survival, along with an increased amount of guns and
ammo at your disposal.

Those who complete the challenges will be rewarded with three event
exclusive Gold blueprints that will let them craft the following iconic Left
4 Dead 2 weapons (Electric Guitar, Frying Pan, and Golf Club) to use in
Dying Light.

The four day event starts on October 24th, and will be available for both
PC and console players. After the event concludes the standard blueprints
for the Left 4 Dead 2 weapons will be available as a free DLC.