Stuck For Inspiration? Here Are 3 Top Shows to Binge on Halloween

Halloween is known as a night of trick or treating, creepy costumes, and — for the adults — raucous parties. In fact, CNN reported that up to $9 billion is spent to celebrate Halloween each year with almost $90 spent on Halloween festivities per person.

While countless people are indulging in candy and chaos, there’s nothing wrong with a cozy night in. After all, not everyone can spend the night out on the town. If you’re suffering from a recent health issue or wearing Invisalign for up to 22 hours per day, staying home can help you take better care of your health. And there’s nothing better than getting creeped out by a great television show.

Over the last few years, horror has really stepped up its game, especially in regard to streamable television series. While horror series have graced our screens since the 1960s, streaming services have made accessing your favorite shows easier than ever before. Whether you’re into classic monsters or modern myths, there’s a horror show out there for just about everyone.

If you’re planning on staying inside on Halloween (and maybe eating an entire bowl of candy), here are some of the top series to watch this year.

Penny Dreadful

Though the British-American show only ran for three seasons, Penny Dreadful acquired a cult following, and for good reason: it showcases classic monsters in a completely new light. From Dracula to Dorian Gray to Frankenstein and his monster, the 27-episode show fleshed out these iconic characters in more ways than one (ie. lots of murder).

Inspired by Penny Horror stories from the 19th century, the gothic show features some of the best costumes and set designs television has ever seen. In fact, the show was so popular that a spin-off series is slated to go into production later this year. Whether you want to catch up on your preferred monsters or prepare for the new spin-off to come, this bingeable show is a fan favorite for Halloween. So sip your favorite British tea to get in the mood, send your kids to your sister’s house, and check it out on Netflix today.

Light as a Feather

“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” This childhood chant was a classic at sleepovers throughout the country. Almost everyone has tried playing this game at least once in their lives, likely with unsatisfactory outcomes. After all, it would take monstrous levels of strength to lift a person with only your fingertips, even if you have an entire circle of people helping you.

But Hulu’s new take on the classic game is sure to send shivers down your spine. Its show Light as a Feather just debuted its second season, making it a perfect holiday binge for Halloween. The story centers around McKenna, a young woman who sparked a terrifying curse after playing the game on Halloween night. This show is sure to get you in the holiday “spirit.”


There’s something about foreign movies that horror fans can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s because they bring fresh, new ideas to the table. Maybe it’s because they’re not inundated with American horror series. Regardless, Typewriter stands out from the American shows you have seen.

The Indian horror series revolves around a group of childhood friends who embark on a quest to explore a haunted mansion in Goa. Plagued by death and the dark secrets that follow them, only time will tell if the children survive.

Released earlier this year, this show has quickly become a Netflix favorite. Oh, and don’t forget the great dog sidekick.

What are your favorite shows?

Did you know the average American will spend over eight hours a day in front of a screen. Whether it’s binge-watching your new favorite television show or learning something new online, streaming services have made digesting new information easier than ever. Have you seen any of these top picks? Don’t be afraid to try something new on Halloween. These stories will be sure to haunt you for years to come.