We Talk Postal 4: No Regerts With Running With Scissors

For the cover story for our next magazine; we chose to do a feature on the recently announced Postal 4: No Regerts. Here is a sample of the full interview which will go in the magazine.

So the hard question: why Postal 4 and not a new property?

Yeah that seems like an obvious question, except over the years, every single day, I get request for more POSTAL. We actually had designs for other new games, but in the end we felt it just made best sense to give what our fans want. Afterall, we work for our fans.


What is the background and setting of the game?

The game follows the POSTAL Dude after the events of POSTAL 2, Apocalypse Weekend and Paradise Lost. He has stopped at a gas station to take a piss and his trailer gets stolen with all of his shit in it. He is outside of a gambling town on the Arizona/Mexico border named Edensin. So he’s homeless, broke and looking for work!


What was behind the decision to go Early Access this time around?

Everything in the world is changing so fast because of the Internet. Streaming content for anything is now the common vehicle. In the past game development was subject to retail boxes and store distribution, not any more. For us especially this has been a major plus, we’re now able to reach our fans and they can contact us conveniently and directly. Also, being a true indie studio where we are self-funding every dollar this new method of Early Access is a perfect fit.

With all the controversy of the past games do you expect it to not be so controversial in light of games such as Grand Theft Auto V and other who have seemed to welcome the controversy after you guys pioneered the not giving a f**k approach to this sort of content?

I stopped thinking about ‘expectations’ a long time ago. Transparent Corruption is the new normal. From the very beginning I never thought of POSTAL as being controversial, we simply made a game that was fun to play and funny to watch. POSTAL games give players the chance to do shit that people only fantasize about in real life. This is a good thing, for a very long time I’ve been saying “violence belongs in games and not on the streets”, now we just add pissing as a routine expression.

More importantly I’d like to see the industry as a whole be more supportive of indy developed games. There are many young developers all around the world who don’t have the resources of big publishers. The top AAA games are made by enormous staffs, sometimes over a thousand people, and supported by gazillion marketing budgets. At Running With Scissors, my house equity loan among other sources often is behind making payroll. Marketing is a live-action process for us, not a major advertising campaign.


Will there be any celebrity appearances this time around?

Auditions begin after the holidays. We’ll see if anyone wants to have a good time with us.


With so many companies with massive financial resources making games since Postal arrived, to what do you attribute the continued appeal of the franchise as we had lots of excited people when we posted the news of the new game on Reddit and Social Media.

People everywhere, not only in the USA, luv the underdog. RWS is a pure breed indie developer, and POSTAL is 100% unadulterated insane entertainment. To put it mildly or better yet, blunt and brutal, no other game gives the player the personal satisfaction of doing crazy shit like you can do in POSTAL. Everyone knows about ‘fire and water’, but POSTAL 4 gives you FIRE, WATER, GAS, and PISS all in one new weapon.

Ever thought of taking the Postal Dude into VR and will the game appear on consoles?

A Hard YES to both. Just think about it, I can see a boost in raincoat sales now. The great thing about the POSTAL brand is our Fans, with their loyal support we will always be looking for new ways to bring the ultimate game playing satisfaction into their homes and pants.

Any plans for DLC or Add on packs?

Ya definitely, as we have before there is always more days in the week and the week after….so who knows what lies ahead for The Dude in Edensin…..


Look for the full interview in our November/December magazine available after Thanksgiving.