Sam Littlefield Talks Mother’s Little Helpers And Playing Mouse on Batwoman

His character brings a new level of mystery to the show and in our interview with Sam Littlefield; he talks about his new film and his character on Batwoman.


What can you tell us about your character in “Mother’s Little Helpers”


It’s a film about a family going home to throw their mother a life party before she dies. I play Jude Pride, the matriarchs gay son. An addict on house arrest, struggling with family overload. It’s a great little film.


How was having so many hats on during production and which was the most difficult?

Well I guess I’ve been making films for a while now. Wearing many “hats,” mostly out of necessity. When you’re making indie films you kind of just need to be game to do whatever is needed at that moment. Write scenes on the fly, pick up water heaters in the middle of the night, cart costumes across the border. It’s sometimes total chaos. And other times it’s amazing. With this project in particular, Kestrin Pantera our director, deserves a lot of credit. She conceived the idea and brought everyone on board. She steered the ship and we all trusted her. It was a total blast. A true gem of an experience.


How did you get into acting and what was your big break?

I wrote and produced a play in 4th grade called “How Magic Came To Be.” My teacher, Mrs. Dick (no joke), saw my production and referred me to a local theater that was producing the musical Nine, I was nine at the time. I’m not sure when my big break happened. I’ve had many breaks along the way. Some projects I thought were going to be huge and ended up fizzling. Others I thought would never amount to anything and turned out to be huge. Do big breaks really happen? I’m beginning to wonder if that notion of “arriving” is just a mirage.


Looking at Batwoman; what attracted you to the part and how was the casting process?

Mouse is interesting. There’s so much to draw from and create. The writers wrote a major backstory to play with. What’s cool about playing this kind of role is I’m sorta free to do whatever I want to do in the moment. Casting was quick. I think I sat down, did one scene once, walked out and then I booked it. If only everything in life could be that easy. Haha.


What type of research did you do for the part?

I read some articles about Stockholm Syndrome. I actually studied Catwoman the movie. Michelle Pfeiffer is so amazing in that role. She’s so bright and alive and she moves like Grace Jones. That’s not exactly what I’m channeling in this show, but she inspired the hell out of me.


How would you like to see your character develop as the series unfolds?

I just hope he goes through a total thrill ride and discovers some stuff about the world along the way.


As a follow up, have you attended conventions and how will you prepare for shows such as SDCC if you are to attend next year?

Never attended. I have no idea what to expect. I’ll probably take some Emergen-C.


What do you like to do when you have free time?

Live life to the fullest with my friends.


(Photo by James DePietro)