Birds Of Prey

Life is not going well for Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). She has recently
split from the Joker and is wallowing in self-pity and trying to find a
new focus in her life. As a further complication; the protection she
enjoyed under the Joker has vanished and now everyone with a grudge is
gunning for her.

Fate has Harley cross paths with a young Pickpocket named Cassandra (Ella
Jay Basco), who comes into possession of a diamond that happens to hold a
very valuable secret. Before Harley knows what has hit her; she is on the
run not only from all manner of thugs but the very dangerous Roman Siona
(Ewan Mc Gregor) has upped the stakes for their heads and will stop at nothing to get it.

Throw in a disgruntled Detective (Rose Perez) a jaded singer (Jurnee
Smollett-Bell), and a mysterious assassin (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and
you have a very interesting and dangerous mix.

Sadly the film becomes jumbled at the start as the film will go down certain paths only to abruptly stop, rewind, go down another path, and resume.

This comes off as a disjointed mess at times and while I took it to help symbolize the mental state of Harley; it made connecting with the character and stories difficult.

This combined with the over the top
characters and routine story underminded the potential of the film.

While it entertained in parts, I do have to wonder if Director Cathy Yan
was in over her head. Yan had previously done four shorts and an Art Film
and seemed to be unsure of the pacing, action, and visual effects at times
as it certainally showed.

It is rumored that the head of the John Wick
stunt team was brought in to oversee reshoots for the film but Yan has
claimed this was simply for Second Unit work.

The film does have a strong theme of empowerment and I liked how it
emphasized that a woman does not need anyone to be strong and that they
have limitless potential. This is a very strong message that worked
wiell. Sadly the story offered no real variation from what we have seen
many times before in action and comic films and underscores how DC and
Warner Bros constantly come up lacking in this genrre where Marvel soars
time and again.

There isome entertainment in the film and Robbie is the perfect embodiyment of the character, sadly this Bird never really takes

2.5 out of 5


Second review by Alina Polishchuk

Birds of Prey and the Fantablous Emancipation of Harley Quinn is a rollercoaster of love! What an epic way to show a post breakup meltdown, turned chick power flick, all wrapped up in a sparkly DC romp.

This movie starts out fast and keeps up the pace with superb choreography in fights, chases and even high-speed roller-skating drama. You will love how the story rewinds and fast forwards and keeps it fun–even when it must break a few bones in the process.

Margot Robbie nails Harleen Quinzell’s spirit, and relationship blues, as one of the five leading ladies. Rosie Perez is a great fit as the Renee Montoya, a chick detective dealing with sexism and crime in a comic flick.

Who woulda thunk it? This film offered a surprising nod to the troubles of every day women set in a fiction fantasy land.
Speaking of fantasyland, the sets and costuming were right on point. Lots of color, texture, and eye candy all around. Overall this film was awesome AF.


5 stars