MyCharge Hub Turbo

Keeping your mobile devices charged can be a tricky problem. While battery life has increased; the number of apps and streaming options can deplete your devices faster than ever. Another awkward problem is when you are on the go and you have multiple devices that need charging but only one cable that must be shared or limited hotel outlets.

Thankfully MyHub has a practical and affordable solution to this problem with the Hub Turbo. The device plugs into a wall socket to charge and offers a 75% faster charging speed and the ability to charge multiple devices at once, even when plugged into the wall.

Best of all you will not need to worry about forgetting a cable as the Hub Turbo has your connections built in and they easily tuck away into the unit after use.

Once charged users will have a dependable and fast way to charge their devices and the very sturdy Aluminum body makes the unit durable. The built in prongs fold away after charging allowing the unit to safely and easily be stored in your pocket or bag securely.

The device comes pre-charged as an added bonus so users can get right to their charging needs and easily plug in when they notice the charge level is low.

The device we looked at recently is for Apple products but there are different options out there for those who have different connection needs.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable option to charge your devices; then the MyHub Turbo is a great option.