Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Z Flip — But Will It Follow in the Fold’s Footsteps?

Do you remember the first time you picked up a smartphone and put down your old folding phone for the last time? Well, you may be experiencing some opposite deja-vu with Samsung’s newest folding smartphone.

Samsung recently released its newest addition to the folding smartphone family: the Galaxy Z Flip. While many may be wary as their last phone, the Fold, was quite a debacle, the Flip may give traditional smartphones a run for their money.

New Features

The Flip boasts some impressive features, making it appear that Samsung has learned a lot from the disastrous release of the Fold. The Flip features bendable Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) on the 6.7-inch display and a new “hideaway hinge” that makes it more compact and uses nylon fibers to keep dust out. While this feature does help to keep dust out, remember to always clean your phone screen. Americans get approximately one billion colds annually, and with the number of germs that collect on phone screens, it’s no secret why this happens.

The hinge on the Flip acts similarly to a laptop hinge, allowing you to keep it propped open at different angles. Users can prop the phone on a flat surface while its open and take selfies, video chat, and much more. It can also work as a tiny laptop with the content on the top fold of the screen and additional information on the bottom half. This new feature has been labeled “flex mode”. One of the most unique new features is the tiny cover display that allows you to see notifications and caller ID.

Reading the morning news with your smartphone and coffee in hand has come a long way from the day of newspapers. Now with the addition of folding phones, your daily routines could change even more. With the ability to actually close the screen on your phone, distracting notification bubbles from social media and emails can be more easily ignored. The smaller compact design allows for much easier storage as well, taking up less space in your pocket or bag.

Room to Grow

While it appears that Samsung has learned a lot from the negative feedback on the Fold, the Flip still has a few features that could be improved. While the display can completely flatten out, there is a noticeable crease where the hinge sits. This could have an impact on your day to day use as you scroll through content.

While this folding phone may remind you of your first cellphone, the price tag definitely reflects its modern style. Business owners are often keeping an eye out for new smartphones with the latest technology options to make work a little simpler. According to the Federal Reserve Survey, 40% of American business owners applied for a loan in 2017. At a whopping $1380, the Galaxy Z Flip may not be an option for many. Although, with the large jump down from the Fold’s selling price of $1980, Samsung seems to be moving in the right direction.

Are You Ready to “Flip Out?”

So are you ready to make the switch back — or forward — to a flip phone? While the Flip may not be the perfect melding of flip phone and smartphone, it’s a huge step as compared to its predecessor, the Fold. With so much buzz around the new smartphone, it’s no surprise that electronics are among the top three products moved across the United States. The evolution will be ongoing, just as it was for the iPhone or the Galaxy Note. But it’s clear after Samsung’s progress from the Fold to the Flip that there is more to expect as far as foldable smartphones.