Extra Ordinary

In their feature debut for the writing and directing team Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, Extra Ordinary takes you on a not too ordinary journey following a father who would do anything for his daughter and a driving teacher who is anything but normal. Comprising itself with all of your big movie favorites (romance, teamwork, and of course virgins) it creates a refreshing comedic take on the supernatural genera.


After having grown up in the paranormal business, Rose Dooley ( Maeve Higgins) now a driving instructor, strives to lead a normal life. Weighted down by an exorcism gone wrong, Rose has sworn off of using her abilities for fear of harming others close to her. Unfortunately for Rose, her newest student and hopeful romantic interest, a widower named Martin Martin (Barry Ward) has plans for her other than driving. At the behest of his teenage daughter Sarah (Emma Coleman), Martin goes seeking Rose out for assistance with his deceased wife, a demanding spirit with an attitude.


If ghosts were not enough, on the other side of town we get to see just what the desperate one hit wonder, Christian Winter (Will Forte) and his wife Claudia (Claudia O’Doherty) would do for fame and money. Turning towards Satanism, Christian is in need of a virgin to sacrifice by the end of the blood moon to complete his dark contract ensuring his future success in the music business. After things go wrong with his first virgin, Christian then hastily chooses Sarah as his new sacrifice.


With little time before the blood moon, it is then up to Rose and Martin to save the day. To do this, the awkward duo must do what they can to help various spirits around the town finish their business and crossover to the other side.


Overall, Extra Ordinary did a great job of keeping the laughs rolling in this lighthearted comedy. With a strong cast and relatable characters, this is a movie that you do not want to miss.


4 Stars out of 5