The Video Games of today are more detailed and complex than ever. They not only push the technology envelope, but constantly demand more and more from the gaming hardware that is used to play them.

Gamers are always looking to get the best performance possible but when new hardware is not always an option or new drivers still lack the desired performance; what is a Gamer to do?

Enter GameAssistant which is a fantastic tool for tweaking your games and getting their top performance.

If you want to disable start up videos, maximize your resolution, enable or disable VSynch, set Windowed mode, fix crashes and other issues; GameAssistant can help you with this and so much more.

The program currently supports over 200 games such as several Call of Duty games and countless other favorites new and old.

You can see the complete list of supported games here.

For those looking to get maximum performance and a competitive edge, GameAssistant is a comprehensive and easy to use solution.