PAX East 2020 Cosplay And Floor Pictures

Cosplay has become a major part of any convention and so I wanted to share some of my favorites from PAX East along with some displays.









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Cosplayer as Bob Ross

@not_vannak as the Pokemon Ball Guy

Nina Gagnon @piece0fpi as Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)

@cosplay_hopeful as Ashe (Overwatch)

@Nle1988 as Lollipoppy (League of Legends)

@aneverbird as Jester (Criticial Role)

@theangrymuffin as Serena (Pokemon X and Y), and a Rocket Grunt and Snorlax (Pokemon)

@Kiisyuu as Lunar Empress Lux (League of Legends)

Abby Roy as Isabelle and Dan Rockwood as Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)

@fellwing (twitter) as a white mage (Final Fantasy)

@larrysoracco as Dimitri and @krivjah as Claude (Fire Emblem Three Houses), and @kbogk as Solaire (Dark Souls)

Various Star Wars characters including @kundygames (tiktok) second to left

@rainbowmasterchiefpound as Rainbow Master Chief (Halo)

Various Assassins Creed characters, costumes by @vinnytwist

@mikemanniello as Mario and @go.ji.ra as Bowsette (Mario) as Milo and @baggincats_cosplay as the Ball Guy (Pokemon Sword / Shield)

@elbartoas a Yiga Footsoldier and and @roadside.hawk as Link (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

@halojadecosplay as Baby Yoda (The Mandalorian)

Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and Godot (Ace Attorney)

Elizabeth Ross @theizzb as Olivia Octavius (Spider Man Into the Spider Verse)

@crimson_tyger, Tatsu (The Way of the Househusband), and Pikachu

@SteelShieldCosplay as Seething Bazelgeuse, @QueenOfCoatsCosplay as Zorah Magdaros, and @SisuCosplayAndCraft as Velkhana (Monster Hunter World)

#PAXGoose2020 Becky as the Goose (Untitled Goose Game)

Victor and Gloria (Pokemon Sword and Shield)